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Flight Instruction


Geoff Hatcher is a gold seal FAA certified multi engine Instrument flight instructor with more than 7000 flight hours and 20 years of experience.  Hes typed in more than 7 turbo Jets.

Pilot Services


Geoff Hatcher has extensive training and experience. He is typed, current and will meet insurance requirements as PIC in the following Jets:

Citation 500/550/560.

Citation 525S series- CJ 1,2,3,4,& M2

Bechjet 400A, Nextant


Falcon 50,900,900EX

Aircraft Sales


If your interested in devloping a flight department, I can help.  I can help fit an aircraft to your performance needs.  Not too much, not too little, with room to grow if that's your plan.  Once acquired we can set you up with a well trained qualified crew that also fits your performance requirements.  The maintenance and records keeping strategy can also be addressed.

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